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As we enter into an exploration of mind consciousness it is now important to take the time to center yourself mentally and well as physically. Centering our thoughts is a must and respecting your mental processes is just as important as respecting others ideas and space.  Just being is the answer to many things and.

Being allows our energy to balance, our mind to stop and our body to relax.

Take the time to stop once a day and just be. Sit relax view your surroundings or meditate on being you. You will find a silence within that you have long forgotten if you allow yourself to be!


Soul Shattered?

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For those that are walking a spiritual path a feeling of disconnection or abandonment may still be around you. First a brief explanation of why and then a solution.

To bring in the new energy whilst still living a physical life a spirit guided person needed to be reassured that they had guides and angels to protect them and help prepare them for the coming vibrational shifts, so an awareness arrived.  We became more connected on an inner level and got to meet our guides and teachers. Once that connection was made your team could begin working on your metaphysical connections. We were attuned and filled with love and then it happened!

The shattering began. Your soul shattered its Merkabah and then disconnected the old energies. New energy channels where then connected and the Merkabah rebuilt. On a soul level it is very difficult to stay in physical consciousness without a Merkabah so you will find there was a period of time that you became very inactive and isolated. You may have noticed many souls did not make it through the shattering and died suddenly whilst many others decided they were not capable of doing so or did not want to experience the process and left before the new energy connection process was completed.

Now the reason we were filled with love is because the compassion energy was leaving and we needed to be reminded that the main earth energy is still LOVE! The old energies of Judgment and Compassion are now firmly set in the heart of humanity and we must now embrace the new energies of Respect and Tolerance to learn to live in Peace.  Therefore the main goal for those that walk the spirit guided path is to reconnect to love and call in the energies of Respect and Tolerance to reconnect with your guides and teachers. Ask them to teach you to walk your path with Respect and Tolerance in LOVING ways as these can be harsh energies to master. You will find among these posts some simple exercises to help you reconnect to your own inner knowing and your guides and teachers.

Remember to carry love with you wherever you journey next!

New Ways

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For a few decades now we have been bombarded with information about a new level of consciousness we are ascending towards and a new world that is about to begin. We have been told of the coming of angels and we have been told of the reconnecting of our spirit. We have worked towards raising our vibration and the vibration of the planet. What we are seeing now is the consequences of that vibrational work. this is a process that we would have to transition through whether we were aware of it or now. Raising our awareness has enable the new world to gain a positive start to its vibrational shifts. Our youth have a positive outlook and their wisdom is great as many are very old souls. They will pave the way to a new way of doing things that will bring true positive change to our world.

Their challenge, which is also our challenge right now is to adjust to the new energy that has arrived on this planet. The old energies of compassion and judgement have gone forever and will slowly fall away completely over the next couple of decades. The new energies of Respect and Tolerance will enable humanity to learn to work and play together and share the power and the wisdom. Respect and Tolerance are much harder energies to work with and we can see the challenges that are arising globally right now are reflecting those energies and the struggle to bring them into balance. Balance will come over the next year or so and then we will get back to the job of making progress both socially and technologically.

In the meantime, now is a great time to think about what Respect and Tolerance mean to you and setting some firm personal boundaries both for yourself and others.


Meditating Dylan


I love this exercise it is one of my favorites!