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My Dream

The World Peace Pagoda - Lumbini - Nepal

I had a dream which I feel compelled to share here today. I know the subconscious works in odd ways and that our dreams are for us and our own personal path yet even so this one seemed to have an important message that eased my mind and maybe will ease others.

So here it is a glimpse into my inner world. In my dream I saw a large dragon talking to many people. I was with a man and he told me the dragon was the Dragon Master. The Dragon Master said that the dragon energy had returned to the Earth and the energy was now set firmly on the planet and the world would now stabilize. He then went on to say that the last time this energy was here was in the Dark Ages, however this time there would be peace. I asked the man what the Dragon Master meant by this and he told me that this time the world is in Mind Consciousness not physical Consciousness so the changes will occur in our thinking and perception of ourselves and our world. The true change that arrived after the Dark Ages will also occur now with a new age beginning both technologically and physically. Because of this the world will find peace for a thousand years.

I am hoping on a personal level this means an inner peace is arriving for me, but my most treasured thought is the unimaginable prospect that humanity itself may just find the elusive peacefulness that so many of us seek.