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Love the Peace Posts


In the next millennium we have the opportunity to live life in respectful and tolerant ways. The things that occur on our planet in the final three months of this year will determine how quickly we embrace that opportunity. Now it is time to send the Earth and humanity all the love we need to enter the next Millennium in respectful and tolerant ways. Over the last few decades a man has toured the world promoting peace and constructing peace poles. Other have also constructed peace poles and there are hundreds of them around the world. This would be a great time to send those beacons of peace love energy to help them in their task. Meditate on them and fill them with love. Other teachers, healers and lightworkers have created grids and portals send them love also. Meditate on bathing the earth and her peoples with love for the next four months and the new Millennium will herald in a thousand years of Peace and humanity will continue to progress peacefully!