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Don’t fit in – JOIN in!

BubblesIt’s hard to be yourself in a world that does not allow you to do so. If you are trying to focus on how to please others or rebel against what others want to you to be or do you are lost in a world of confusion and disappointment. There is only One Rule, One key to live a full and exciting life and that is to be you. 

You cannot please others no matter how hard you try. You will just become them. You cannot rebel against what they stand for forever you will just break and destroy yourself and them.

You can only stop, listen and feel your way through life and draw to yourself the path you were born to walk. The best thing is that if you fail to walk it this time you will be born again and again until you have learned to walk your own path, speak your own truth and love your own self. Once you do so, you not only fulfill your destined path, you conclude your lessons in this realm and gain the soul freedom to travel where ever you choose to go in the next step of the journey.


1 Billion Rising

I am surprized I have not heard a whisper from the Australian Media about 1 Billion Rising. I am figuring i have just missed their segments it is such an important event with a real joyful approach to a very serious topic. I loved watching the videos today on youtube and on their site .

Nice see the first steps being taken to find solutions to the real problems for humanity. treating each other with respect and tolerance is the only solution to most of our woes!