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Redefining War

Women on the Frontlines

Women on the 


It seems that humanity is stuck with its need to battle over boundaries and resources. Perhaps instead of the constant struggle to talk sense into our leaders and government processes it is time for the people to stand up and demand security while these economic boundaries fluctuate. Redefining war and giving it some arena to be played out in would provide a more civilized approach to these issues without destroying resources, our civilization and its progress.

We could set some standards and areas that are designated to do battle in, preferably virtual, and set some sort of restrictions on loss of life or environmental damage. I propose an online battlefield with soldiers from each nation doing battle online over the issues that are being contested. The process could be over-viewed by the UN or World Court and the death penalty could be enforced upon anyone who brings the war into the real world.

Unless it is in designated hand to hand combat arenas such as in Roman Days we could have champions who battle each other if people really feel the need to be warriors they can do battle in designated areas to enable conflicts to be resolved. We could also create warrior robots that could do the same thing. There is a segment of humanity that seems to thrive on that warrior within and perhaps this will sate that need for violence by legalizing their need to fight.

Mirror's Edge features a realistic first-perso...

Mirror’s Edge features a realistic first-person view, with the character’s limbs visible during hand-to-hand combat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are only the seeds of a vision for the future and there would be much to resolve and legislate to bring about a safe way to do war. However if we are the civilization that will learn to live in peace then we must find a home for the warrior to be a part of our vision.


The Emeny

The church is not the enemy
The Government is not the enemy
The enemy is them
The enemy is us
An old mentality that enabled survival in times of terror is the enemy
An old war tactic that divides those that stand against the warrior
The good old Them and Us is the real enemy

There is only we
We are all breathing the same air
Suffering the same way
Experiencing the same way

When we embrace each other as equals we will have all that we seek
When we share we will have all that we seek
When we remember that we are never alone we will have all that we seek

When we help each other to get there we will find our joy our freedom and ourselves!