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Conscious Creation

MikeCriss Blog - David Icke E Credo Mutwa - Ag...

MikeCriss Blog – David Icke E Credo Mutwa – Agenda Rettiliana Parte 2 (Photo credit: mikecrissflick)

The last few decades has seen the arrival of many great teachers on our planet.Teachers sharing the wisdom of love and unity. Once spirit had risen the vibration of the planet enough to take light from the physical vibration to the mind consciousness vibration and prepared humanity with the knowledge that what you focus on mentally you will create, spirit stepped back and what did we do focus on our troubles. As we are heading into mind consciousness we are also falling into fear. Once again we are focusing way too much on the old world and not seeking the new.

I was shocked to see the demonizing and vile videos that are flooding YouTube surrounding the beliefs of David Icke. So many people suggesting that others are Satanists, aliens and reptiles. So many people, afraid of change. So many willing to give up on the vision that the world can become a better place. We are all human and we will make mistakes. We are all afraid of change and we all need others to help us deal with life.

Oscar Wilde once said: “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s, someone else’s opinion their lives a mimicry their passions a quotation”. Some may say the words of a great man some may say the words of a recluse. Together we are strong the more people who are willing to work together for the greater good the better our world will become. David Icke calls us sheep and tells us to prepare for the worst, then feeds us with fear and segregation.

So who is behind the voice of David Icke – who is really losing out as we build towards a global community that has a focus on unity and financial security for all?  The church? The Banks? Although in truth it matters not who is behind his anger and his vision of our world, what does matter is the consequences of his thinking, his philosophies and where that will lead us. Divide and conquer leads to only one thing more death and destruction.

David Icke is a middle aged man with no respect for the future and no respect for the fresh young souls that are now arriving on this beautiful planet. Yes we have problems and yes we have a lot to learn about working together and creating a respectful and tolerant world. However naming people and labeling them can only lead to fanaticism and fear. I find it interesting that the target for his labels is the same ones as before, witches and the wealthy. Demonizing people and inciting violence at a time when the world is on the brink of eliminating hunger, poverty and prejudice. Makes me wonder who the real villain is and how we can avoid the inevitable outcome of his type of thinking.

Perhaps all any of us can do is to remember the consequences of fanaticism and stop to think before we support anything that labels blames or separates us as a people and a community.