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Choosing Peace

let em in

let em in (Photo credit: Will Lion)

Can you see the divide? Can you see the fear taking hold. Can you see people angry people blaming others for the choices that they have made? Blaming others for greed yet they spend their money on the very things they are raging about? People demonizing other people for the mistakes that those people are making? This is what the teachers came to warn us about. This is why we have learned so much about love light and energy. Over the last few decades. This is now the time to practice what we preach. No judging only supporting change. No demonizing only supporting less troubled or confused or even non-conscious leaders. Now is the time to hold peace in your minds eye to hold peace in your heart and to take the time to relax and send love to a world in need. Now is the time to decide in your heart that we will move into a world of peace. Do not believe the illusion send love to heal it away and know that peace is possible now if we just hold it in our heart and our mind as one. Remember what you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body!

Choose peace today!