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Put on Your Thinking C.A.P Please!

World Citizen symbol

World Citizen symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The current catch cry is that we are here to make a difference. We need to save the world and bring change. Yet when we observe how we are trying to do this we see the same old behavioural patterns being used. Divide and conquer! You are bad we are good, you are wasteful we are good, you are not listening we are perfect! You are rich so you are the enemy, you are in control so its all your fault. You are supposed be our leaders yet you betray us!

You get the picture? When in truth it is your fault. You have continued to use fossil fuels even when advised back in the 60’s that it would lead to problems. You have continued to live small by just doing what you need to do for you and yours or you may have even just packed up and gone bush to live off the grid! In truth off the grid is worst of all as you have abandoned us and put yourself back in time.  Sounds great doesn’t it!

Now before you go beating yourself up with a BIG STICK

let me tell you the truth about life.

You are not in control of anything except you.

You are here.

You have the choice to do whatever you want.

You know the truth is within you. So take the time to listen to what you feel is right and build your own code of honour to live by. When we take the time to think about what we really want we discover it is often already there. When we take the time to stop breathe and listen we often find that we are gaining wisdom everyday and sharing it with others. When we take the time to think about it we wear many hats. Everyday we are changing and growing. Everyday we are making decisions that choose a future path for us a path that also influences everyone we know and are yet to meet.

For me I have just put on my most important CAP of all my consciousness cap!

C – contribute

A – assist

P – participate

 Perhaps if we all stopped pointing the finger and went looking for the right people to fix things and asked each other nicely to assist in the process we will be the class that graduates with that thousand years of Peace that everyone talks about.