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Lifestyle Choices

It is important to remember that each system whether it is political, business or social is made up of people. People making choices, everyday people making decisions, decisions which influence others and the world around them. So instead of demonising big business and the economic and political systems we need to be giving the people in those systems the support needed to make sustainable and friendly choices.

I want the toys; physical stuff is one of the things we come here for. I want to share and explore my passions; I want to talk to people to play with people and to share my day with people. I want to breathe clean air, see the sun shine and moonshine in the beautiful sky. I want to sense the world, to look at the world to travel the world…

My wants are your wants; we all want the same thing to have a life to live it freely and to share it with others. So what are the rules about this what standards should we set for ourselves and how do we define the needs and wants of people.

I think it’s time we decided to set those standards and set them firmly in our policy our social values and our legal systems. There is plenty of everything in this world and instead of forcing ourselves on others through money, violence and lack we need to share our gifts with others. We need to set some personal rules that enable us to choose the world we want to live in.

When we look at the systems WE have created around us they are systems that are designed to control, protect and set standards. However those standards are set to control and protect and not to provide. Yet the one thing we need is provision. Every person has the right to be provided for and the ability to provide something to others even if that something is only small we all have something to give. When systems provide instead of protecting or controlling they will support the needs and wants of the society that embraces them.

As souls we come here to study ourselves. How do we grow, how do we create, and whether we are up to the “creating a healthy body” stage or “building a healthy community” stage we are and will learn from the life we experience.

When people choose to believe in something, that something becomes truth. What personal lifestyle choices do you think we can set to live in peace and share the load? How do we all believe in the same thing, we cannot and most likely never will yet if we choose to be ourselves and share ourselves we will stand a better chance of getting alone peacefully. So make your lifestyle choices today choose to be yourself and share yourself with others and you too can take a step towards living in a world that is supportive and fun.


So my thoughts on healthy lifestyle choices

I share my gifts with others freely – sometimes I will make money sometimes I won’t and that’s ok

I join in – sometimes I will fit in and sometimes I won’t and that’s ok

I do what I choose – sometimes I will say no and that’s ok