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The Symbolism of the Mind

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It is very important to understand when you are working spiritually that the mind is now the main space we are working within. Our heart is firmly set and full of love and we now need to get the mind focused and learn to use the powers that it has.

Therefore we need to understand how our mind works to understand the messages we receive. Take the time to sit and ponder your mind. Listen to noise that is running through it right now. Are there images symbols or voices?

Speak for a few minutes in your mind. Say a chant or make up a story. Observe where your voice is coming from what part of the brain is you.

Then ask your guides to talk to you the voices of your guides will be soft and down low either side of the nape of the neck. Your guides will never tell you what to do they will just make suggestions. When you get a suggestion it is good to take a moment to ponder it.

The other voices will be people. People just like you thinking loudly and even aggressively at times. Those people can be human or beings from other telepathic races. You can chat with them if you want but be discerning if you don’t like what they are saying command them to go away and ask your guardians to protect you from them.

The mind talks to us in pictures and it is important to understand that particularly when we are afraid. Your mind can show what your fear is and usually gives it a picture that comes from our own understanding or interests. For example once when I had to deal with a time of great stress and pain I asked my guides to help me understand my pain and help me heal. I was confused as to why my own ways of dealing with things was not working. As I awoke the next morning I saw a Banshee in my kitchen. The Banshee is a symbol of grief and repressed anger and reminded me that my feelings were not being acknowledged in a particular area of my life. The grief I was dealing but the anger was something I had been avoiding dealing with all my life. The Banshee is a creature that I have always associated with rage and torment.

Another time I was complaining to my guides that I was bored and felt no joy and asked them to help me. I had a dream as I was waking up of two men bursting into a musical rendition of a message for me and I woke laughing and singing. The mind is our portal to the deeper recesses of our consciousness and it is time for us to explore it not fear it.

Guide your thoughts, direct your thoughts, acknowledge your thoughts– do not follow your thoughts they are simply a way of processing the information you are currently receiving.

Follow your heart – Direct your thoughts!

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