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Respect Give It Freely

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I have recently been doing some research and have been quite shocked to discover so many images suggesting that Respect must be earned and that some do not deserve respect because they do not give it to others. I must say this has me puzzled, if we do not give respect freely how can others learn what it is? If we do not naturally respect others then we deny our own diversity and bully others. Should not respect and tolerance be a given gift that teaches and encourages others rather than denying them access to the greater gifts that life has to share with us? I feel this needs to be discussed and that respect should be given as freely as love and honesty. A world where things must be earned is a world of privilege for the few that have already learned the lessons that respect can teach us, and leaves the rest of us confused as to how they got there.

Take the time today to respect yourself and others and observe those who live by respect you may learn more and should someone tell you that respect should be earned, trust they do not have it to give yet either.

Peace is Respect and Tolerance look for both and you will walk peacefully in a world thats needs you right now.


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