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Look Deeper

For several months now I have been drawing the card Look Deeper from one of my Oracle decks. I have been pondering this as it just kept surfacing without any real questions being asked. In a way it was a lecture from my angels as i have been a bit judgemental about the whole war and upheaval stuff that is happening globally and the divisive teachings of David Ickes, whom I was blaming it all on. Today the Angels gave me this writing lol (the full lecture) I hope you get a chuckle out it too.

T136710e3d4775f457c87cfdc7a3dfd23he western world is being pillaged and plundered by its own people, great nations are being divided and conquered as we speak and the enemy this time is our own fear. Our own fear, fed to us on a daily basis by the many voices of ourselves. People teaching, divisive teachings, teachings pointing out the mistakes without providing solutions, teaching turning us against each other and the world we have created so far. Look closely people this is what we have co-created so far in the beginning of the 21st Century. This is what we have done with the power of love that has been granted to us by god to co-create our journey. To be empowered spiritually is to embrace the world in its entirety not to slice it up into the bits we love and the bits we hate. We are multidimensional beings and your thinking; your feelings are right now preparing to fulfil that last decision you made about yourself and your world… Stop now think back what was decision. Decide right now that you do live in a beautiful complex multidimensional world.

One man wants to ban guns because they killed someone he loved. One man wants to keep his gun to protect him from those nice spiritual people who think he just might be an evil reptilian, or worse a banker. One woman wants to have a child to fulfil her desire to be a mother. One woman deserts her child because it is better off without her as she cannot handle life, or keep it alive and healthy. Look deeper, we cannot judge others for their decisions, decisions they have made from their own emotional experiences, we do not know why we experience so many terrible things in life and no doubt we could avoid a whole lot of those challenges if we have love and support each other instead of judgement, division and disrespect.

Yes we must change what is not working, but we cannot do that by tearing apart ourselves or others, we must work together as people respecting the challenges of people and providing the love and honesty required to help each other gain the most from the gift of life we have received. Respect and Tolerance teaches Peace. These are the new energies we are now working with. Are you respecting yourself? Are you respecting the work that other have put into creating the old world? Look deeper they have got it wrong in places but their intentions were always about life. Are you listening to the voice within you right now are you hearing it whisper, its time for silence?

Look deeper, your fear is calling you now from the darkness of the unknown and asking you questions. Can you walk in love and peace both within and without! Are you really honouring the soul having a human experience? Or are you just running along with the mob that are looking for something to do, someone to blame or an end to it all, just because you can!