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Is Suicide Denial or Choice?

wings-469447I just saw a post on Facebook about another young Australian who has taken his own life rather than choose to live with his own imperfection. This has left me pondering the massive challenge that is ahead for humanity. Learning to embrace the new energies of Mind Consciousness, Respect and Tolerance. Tolerance is a very difficult energy to master and many souls that have decided to stay after the transition are struggling to release the old Judgment energy and are deeming their lives “not worth living”. It is so important for us to remind each other right now that our imperfections are not our problem our media and they way we are presented information about what is important what is not is our ‘Real Problem’!

We must recognize the souls choice to be here. Respecting the souls journey and our own humanity is essential to embrace the 21st Century and bring true peace to ourselves and our world. Learning to be tolerant is difficult when we are busy judging ourselves and our lives. Tolerance is an energy that most souls have not fully embraced on this planet for a very long time. Take a breath and remind yourself your soul is in control of the journey and ask your spiritual team, or god or goddess, family member in spirit, whomever you feel is there, for back up. Ask them to clear away the emotional dross and ask them to help you relax and enjoy your day. If you do not ask they cannot interfere, all they can do is surround you and wait. For those who do suffer from depression or emotional distress, try to remember you are not alone, one third of the planet lives this way. Embrace your humanity and take a moment to ponder what you really would like to feel whilst your have the power to feel so deeply. Should you too be feeling you have had enough and your live is not worth having take a moment to think about the poor sod that finds your body and what impact your departure will have on those you leave behind and then finally ponder the next step in your journey.

The next step spiritually for this young man is to visit each person his passing had impacted and help them to come to terms with his choice. Then he must go into a healing cycle of his own, then finally he will be reborn into exactly the same life again to give it another go.

Perhaps suicide is not really a choice perhaps it is a denial of the self to live the life given. Perhaps a life given for a reason, do your time and take the time to stop relax and be, instead of judging the journey, yourself or others and remember that you are not alone. We are all here, we all feel and we are all struggling with the biggest challenge of mind consciousness, directing the mind instead of letting it drag us around. Take the time to recognize that perception is a choice, a choice on how we see and a choice on how we feel and most importantly a choice of what we do with it.