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No time for Complacency

No time for complacency – No time at all…

human-450380_1280As we observe the voices of humanity rise and call for changes it is time for us all to ponder how that change will fit into our vision of the world and our future goals. Looking at the current polices our governments have and the mindset of our religious communities and business communities, it seems it may be time to step up and demand a little swifter action or prepare for their future world.

As I pondered this recently in my meditation, I was truly saddened at the thought of a world with nuclear power stations and religious war ravaging our planet and her children. Taking into context the state of Fukushima and the contamination that has already occurred in our oceans from testing and disasters it seems that the ostriches run the world and the rest of us are preparing to mutate.

Therefore, what can we do when our voices are ignored?, get a little louder and fight to the death? I wonder if that is what they want us to do, a little culling and all. Well perhaps it needs to be more personal than that. Perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper and pull together without those communities that seem to drive us into separate corners.

Perhaps its time to get together with your family and friends once a week, share your resources and create some new customs like love thy neighbour day and equality sit-ins discussing ways to create fairer opportunities and systems for our children’s safety. Share your skills and treat your family and friends to your wonderful talents whether they are cooking, building or art. Do what they cannot and get them to do what you cannot. Not only will you save money and resources but your will foster good will and unity in a world that is facing division and despair.

Spread that support out to your local community centres, do the same share your services, and ask them to do the same. Practise equality, unity and spread the joy. Take note when you hear someone sprouting the old world divide and conquer mentalities, gently question their thinking. Most of us never get further than the first concept of a situation and good lively discussion without blame will usually prompt us to review our thinking. If not, do not despair, their issue not yours, remind yourself of that and let them be, at least you know where they stand. The time will come when they will need to review it again anyway, time gets us all in the end.

Start planning for those big challenges that are sure to arise in the future, including coal smog and water pollution which will be challenges for us in Australia and nuclear pollution which will be a problem for us all globally soon enough. Teach your children Tolerance and remind them that disability is purely a soul exploring physical form in another way, it may be more common in the future. Teach them how to purify their water, distil it or any other fandangle idea you may have to make the water drinkable and accessible. Already there are many amazing designs that are utilizing water recycling into the home design and storing resources underground. Put your heads together and design how you would like it to be. A well-planned family network can be global or local and have just as much to share and give. You can save a bundle on accommodation when you are travelling. 😉

Finally if you are a part of the system that is so in trouble right now, wether you be banker, oil barren, religious leader or politician, please know that it not you that is the issue it is the old systems that are failing us all. Be brave make changes and demand respect and tolerance from all concerned. Also, try to think and act a little faster if you please, as we are all nervous about the next big thing looming on the horizon of life.