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Walking the Trinity


Image from Pixabay – Somewhere

As we move forward into the 21st Century our souls are demanding more from both life and themselves. We are challenging our perception of ourselves and our worlds and creating new worlds to live in and explore. This leads us to times of change and challenge. However there is something we can do to make the journey easier for ourselves and bring a deeper more integral connection with our souls and life. Mind consciousness is about exploring the mind and how the mind works, physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore the choices you make now are the ones that will guide your life into the future. This is why it is so hard at the moment to be true to your own self and the things you believe in. However if you decide a life is worth living if I believe in …….. you will find that boundary you just set will define and bring all you need to be just that. That push from the soul to step up is strong right now. You are feeling the pressure, we all are. The key is to remember who you are and what you think is important and make a list or code of honour to live by. This will protect you and guide you as you co-create the new world and raise yourself and others to the return to the soul and its true nature, all loving, all knowing and all giving.

My code of honour is simple, I walk the Trinity. I focus on the energies of Love, Peace and Joy and I try to use them and share them in every thing I do. There are many ways we can look at things and many states that things are, yet each has the gifts of the Trinity to explore and gain from them. Love, Peace and Joy are our souls mission and I have chosen that to be my guide into the 21st Century. When we look deep within our own hearts we discover that this is the truth we seek, we seek to be loved, we seek to be free and we seek to be happy. This Trinity calls to us and every experience we have teaches us more about these energies. I share this with you as a reminder that where you place your attention is where the energy goes. Focus on your truth and you will find it.

As I walk the Trinity I send you Love, I send you Peace and I thank you for being!


Xmas the Gift

The Spirit of Xmas is upon us and as we embrace that crazy time of the year it is important to remember what it is really all about. Xmas has always been a time of bringing together your family and your friends for one big thank you celebration. It is a great time to touch base with those who we deem important in our lives but it also a time in which we count our blessings and notice how well off or not that we are compared to others. These are the thoughts and feelings that follow us through the crazy season and bring us to the deeper connection that Xmas brings for our families and ourselves. This Xmas will be no different yet I have noticed that the focus for many is on the stress and lack that it can bring instead of the family and community they are a part of. Remember where you place your attention is where the energy goes look at this time of the year as an opportunity to give the most important gifts of all your smile, your love and your gratitude.

Giving bring joy to our hearts and reminds others that they are appreciated and loved. Whether you give a gift, your time or food makes no difference, just give freely and let joy be yours. Give what you have to give you do not need to break the bank to give at Xmas, however the more you give the better you will feel and the more you will be acknowledged by those whom you have given to, which is why we all overdo it a little. 🙂

The gift of Xmas is the gift of giving, not the gift given! Remind yourself of that and go enjoy the silly season for what it really is a time to share your gifts with others!

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Image from Pixabay – Thanks Jimbo Chan