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Divided in Fear

I was just reading an article in the Star Observer whilst having coffee at one of my favourite coffee spots (Slightly Twisted) that highlighted the progress being made in Victoria. Talking about safe schools and funding to support the local community  has triggered my memory of an earlier time when the same things were promised to the aboriginal community, Yet in truth all that they have received is segregation and division. I do hope that the LGBTI keep that in mind as they move forward. Schools need to be safe and inclusive for everyone for us to experience true equality.  Not special schools for special folks that just seperates them from the majority to suit political agendas. Now is a time to remember that our choices are creating a new world that will ultimately lead to either more of the same or true change. Who we are should never need explaining or avoiding it should be known so that we can all be aware and secure. We are all in the same world and we all deserve the same respect support and recognition. Just saying!