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Mind Games

Let the Mind Games begin! I must say it has been an interesting few years for me. Hitting menopause at the same time as the shift into mind consciousness, has taken its toll on both my patience and my thinking. Teaching myself to stay focused has been the hardest thing ever. As I have never been focused, my entire life has been a foggy transition from one space to the next both emotionally and physically. I feel like I have awaken from a long sleep and now I am ready to embrace a new way of thinking and I don’t like it at all….

I like walking between worlds, exploring my consciousness at my own pace, allowing myself both time and space to study and react. It seems mind consciousness has no time for that and now the mind games have begun. I am being mentally challenged as I have no patience for the need to explore each minute thought I have, or bend to the power of the hundredth monkey and assume vegetables are good for me, when I am allergic to half of them.


Yet something has switched on in my mind and I find myself reflecting on the clothes I wear and their suitability, they way others are responding to my wafting conversation and how I feel about this, that or the other. Well I just won’t do it mind! You hear me I will not take myself apart to suit you or anyone else. I will be present when I can and I will not punish myself when I cannot be. I will explore those other places that my mind wants to take me and I will be my self without judgment about what I eat, wear or look like.

As my meditation has taken new directions and is guiding me even deeper into Mind Consciousness my ability to communicate has expanded also and I must say the beings I have met are most interesting. I must give thanks to the Dark Elves that have assisted me to save my sanity. Perhaps we have been taught to fear the dark because this is were the truth lies.

In this crazy world of madness, noise and preaching, remind yourself you came into this world with a mission that is surrounding you right now. Be it healing, teaching or creating, your life is yours. Guide your strong mind with your gentle heart! Do not get distracted by the flash and froth of a slippy slide ride into a new state of consciousness. Be you and make your choices from your heart, as that is were your wisdom lives.

The Power of the Hundredth Monkey is upon us, don’t be a Monkey!



The meek shall be respected.

There is so much attention being given to the great divides at the moment. The divide between man and woman the divide between cultures. That attention is fueling the division of humanity and bringing us back to the deeper issues within ourselves. The truth of it all is not about man or woman or black or white. It is really an issue of the strong and the meek. There are many men who suffer the same rejection and humiliation that woman do. There are many white people who are beaten abused and mistreated just as many black people are. Bullying exists, violence exists, the persecution of the meek has always been the issue and will continue to be so until society does it job correctly and protects the meek.


We view life as survival of the fittest and cheer the hero, whilst we jeer at those who get it wrong and bungle their challenges. We shovel out contempt and ridicule at any who do not act the way we perceive as the right way. When instead if we protect our meek, our young souls, the world would be a lot less violent and lot more supportive.

Take the time to think it through, before you place a label on it and observe the world around you. Life is for all of us not just the fittest, life is for the many, not just the few. Take the time to remember that all life is sacred. Whether it be human, animal, black, white or male, female or both.  We all exist, you can not avoid us or ignore us, for at some stage in life you too will be meek.

Walk with Love in your heart and Peace in your mind!