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21st Century Spirituality


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.13.49 PM15 pages of information to assist your understanding of your spiritual journey. Life is about to get interesting as old souls are experiencing their own personal Judgement Day and new souls are preparing to awaken and lead the world to new ways.

This booklet not only explains what you are experiencing energetically but also provides some meditations for the old soul to reconnect with its own source realms and some reminders for the new souls to recognise that their perceptions in life are up for exploration.

Spiritually we have just leapt into the next level of consciousness. One of the major complexities of the transition into Mind Consciousness was the shattering of the Merkabah as the soul completed its transition. A new mind conscious Merkabah is now in place and we are once again ready to awaken and continue our leap into the reconnection of the heart and the head as one. This ascension will enable us to co-create a world of Love, Peace and Joy. Discover the new truths and explore your souls purpose for journeying in the 21st Century.

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