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I have followed my inner knowing and am given amazing words of wisdom and insights into humanity and the way we create for ourselves and others. I like to share my insights and inspirations when they come and this is what you will find here my thoughts and inspirations about the things that I experience in my journey. New posts are arriving whenever the inclination takes me to post them. I like to think that my thoughts and inspirations can help others as well so I share them in the hope that they do.

Take the time to read the pages as well as now is the time to claim back your inner magic. We all have a knowing that we should be magical. As a matter of fact we all are magical we just forget to notice it. So this site is about remembering your magical self and recognizing how you manifest and how you can co-create a life worth living.

If back in the 1990’s you felt full of magic and worked as a psychic, healer or teacher then this site will explain a lot about the disconnectedness you have experienced over the last few decades and perhaps help you reclaim your connection if you have not already done so.

Follow the links – explore the posts and reclaim your own magical self!


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  1. I am delighted that our paths have crossed in this loving blogoshere, for it is always wonderful to walk the path with more and more of us working for peace.
    With blessings and gratitude. Namaste

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