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Mind Consciousness Has Arrived

Unite now!

Our first steps into the new energy have been rather wobbly but I just want to reassure you that it is all part of the souls journey into mind consciousness. As we have learned much from the physical journey and have embraced the love in our hearts, we must now learn to find the peace within our mind. Learn about how the mind works and learn to direct our thinking instead of allowing our thinking to drag us around. We must learn to do all this while also learning to master the new energies of respect and tolerance.

As this is a challenging time for us all I would like to remind you also that your guides must teach you in what ever way you choose. If you choose to learn through peace or love they will teach in that way. However should you choose to focus on fear or chaos that too can be yours to work with. Therefore it is important to embrace your heart and align it with your mind. Remind yourself that we will rise to the occasion and that mankind can and will embrace the 21st century and unite to bring peace, respect and tolerance into balance within our world.

There are three thing you can do to embrace this concept right now.

  1. Set a code of honor for yourself, a set of rules about how you will handle the issues that arise from disrespect and intolerance.
  2. Learn to focus on what you require or wish the world to become for yourself and those that are important to you. Now is the time to unite.
  3. Decide to redirect the fear and send love or peace to it. When you see trouble coming ask spirit to change it, to protect us from ourselves and assist all of us to move forward peacefully. Ask for backup. give thanks for our amazing world and affirm, “I send you love, I send you peace and I thank you for being”. (Try this in a shopping centre, look at people and affirm this in your mind).

For the old souls this is judgment day. Learn to be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for all the experiences you have shared along the way. In this life time and the many others you have experienced. Should you feel you need it seek healing and forgiveness. Ask for it from your angels and guides and from your friends and family. Allow love to heal your heart and peace to settle your mind, it is almost time to go home.

For the older souls that are now arriving to build the new world, embrace your own unique mental abilities and learn as much as you can from them. You are not broken or crazy. You will hear each other think and you can learn to communicate on much deeper levels that we ever have before. Share respect with each other both physically and mentally. Remind yourself you can focus on what ever you like you are co-creating a new world. Be aware though it will be easier to think it into being, so try to keep your mind focused on co-creating a world worth returning to.

One final note, remember we are all connected and we are all in this together, there is only one way forward and that is respectfully and tolerantly, anything else will slow us down. So far we have allowed ourselves to become divided and we are falling behind in our studies, yet as time heals all, we will refocus soon enough and move forward again in more respectful ways. If we all try to direct our thinking towards that goal once a day it will happen faster. Perhaps now is a great time to give thanks for a peaceful life and our beautiful planet, every day.

Chaos Reigns

human-450380_1280Chaos reigns on the planet right now and as we all sit here wondering what on earth just happened we have discovered one of the truths of this world. Chaos must be a part of the greater plan. The earth has its own physics and that physics guides and co-creates for us all. The natural cycles of life are occurring as we speak and it is essential to understand those cycles to really gain the right perspective on life and the universe. Chaos rights the balance. Chaos bring change and chaos takes the old and replaces it with the new opening the door to the future and releasing the old energy bringing wisdom to those who seek it.

Look at chaos as the moment after you reach the perfect experience. When you get things just right, someone comes along and changes it, knocks it over or it simply fulfills its purpose. For example once you bake the perfect cake, it is then eaten and all that is left is the crumbs and the glory. So it is with chaos once we reach the point of no more chaos steps in to bring down all that was. It is essential to understand that this is not about intention or value. It is about cycles natural cycles that are a part of the physical makeup of this planet.

Chaos reminds us that Peace is a choice and that we must listen to the love in our hearts as much as the wisdom in our minds. Take the time to ponder this as you make your choices about who you are and the world you live in. You are a co-creator studying peace and the chaos that regions when we are thrust into mind consciousness. Take your heart with you and you will remember that Love is the only path to true happiness and World Peace.

Observe the chaos, choose Peace!



Walking the Trinity


Image from Pixabay – Somewhere

As we move forward into the 21st Century our souls are demanding more from both life and themselves. We are challenging our perception of ourselves and our worlds and creating new worlds to live in and explore. This leads us to times of change and challenge. However there is something we can do to make the journey easier for ourselves and bring a deeper more integral connection with our souls and life. Mind consciousness is about exploring the mind and how the mind works, physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore the choices you make now are the ones that will guide your life into the future. This is why it is so hard at the moment to be true to your own self and the things you believe in. However if you decide a life is worth living if I believe in …….. you will find that boundary you just set will define and bring all you need to be just that. That push from the soul to step up is strong right now. You are feeling the pressure, we all are. The key is to remember who you are and what you think is important and make a list or code of honour to live by. This will protect you and guide you as you co-create the new world and raise yourself and others to the return to the soul and its true nature, all loving, all knowing and all giving.

My code of honour is simple, I walk the Trinity. I focus on the energies of Love, Peace and Joy and I try to use them and share them in every thing I do. There are many ways we can look at things and many states that things are, yet each has the gifts of the Trinity to explore and gain from them. Love, Peace and Joy are our souls mission and I have chosen that to be my guide into the 21st Century. When we look deep within our own hearts we discover that this is the truth we seek, we seek to be loved, we seek to be free and we seek to be happy. This Trinity calls to us and every experience we have teaches us more about these energies. I share this with you as a reminder that where you place your attention is where the energy goes. Focus on your truth and you will find it.

As I walk the Trinity I send you Love, I send you Peace and I thank you for being!

Xmas the Gift

The Spirit of Xmas is upon us and as we embrace that crazy time of the year it is important to remember what it is really all about. Xmas has always been a time of bringing together your family and your friends for one big thank you celebration. It is a great time to touch base with those who we deem important in our lives but it also a time in which we count our blessings and notice how well off or not that we are compared to others. These are the thoughts and feelings that follow us through the crazy season and bring us to the deeper connection that Xmas brings for our families and ourselves. This Xmas will be no different yet I have noticed that the focus for many is on the stress and lack that it can bring instead of the family and community they are a part of. Remember where you place your attention is where the energy goes look at this time of the year as an opportunity to give the most important gifts of all your smile, your love and your gratitude.

Giving bring joy to our hearts and reminds others that they are appreciated and loved. Whether you give a gift, your time or food makes no difference, just give freely and let joy be yours. Give what you have to give you do not need to break the bank to give at Xmas, however the more you give the better you will feel and the more you will be acknowledged by those whom you have given to, which is why we all overdo it a little. 🙂

The gift of Xmas is the gift of giving, not the gift given! Remind yourself of that and go enjoy the silly season for what it really is a time to share your gifts with others!

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.47.33 AM

Image from Pixabay – Thanks Jimbo Chan 




  Change is something that must happen on the inside. No matter how much we rage against the machine true change can only come from those bold enough to work within the old to create the new. As we fight with the inner conflict that a journey into peace creates it is important to have some healthy boundaries about what is necessary and what must end now. Therefore it is also important to know where you stand with yourself and others. Having a code of honour to live by enables us to define who we want to be and how we want to approach things however it is also important to factor our own humanity into the equation. Take the time to ponder your needs and then think about how life would be if you were without all that you have right now. Could you live on the street? Could your mother, father or siblings? Could you go hungry? Could you walk right past while someone else is in trouble? Then place yourself there in the role of that person in trouble how would you react if they just walked right past without helping you? Make a note of your own nature some have the strength to cope with anything others do not, as it should be we must remember to be observant and respect the meek as well as the strong. The meek are often working on other levels of consciousness that can only be appreciated if we take the time to observe their experiences with an open heart and mind.  Knowing what we can and will tolerate and what we will not enables us to redefine our own needs and desires and co-create something better for ourselves and others. Life is intolerable sometimes and becoming intolerable yourself just creates more pain for you and those that care about you. Take a moment to reflect on the thought that perhaps your soul chose your family, your friends and the world you have been born into. Then reflect on why. This will remind you that the world is cycling just as we do and that this is a time of release and renewal. Relax, respect and be tolerant, true change is on its way, be part of the solution no the problem. 

No time for Complacency

No time for complacency – No time at all…

human-450380_1280As we observe the voices of humanity rise and call for changes it is time for us all to ponder how that change will fit into our vision of the world and our future goals. Looking at the current polices our governments have and the mindset of our religious communities and business communities, it seems it may be time to step up and demand a little swifter action or prepare for their future world.

As I pondered this recently in my meditation, I was truly saddened at the thought of a world with nuclear power stations and religious war ravaging our planet and her children. Taking into context the state of Fukushima and the contamination that has already occurred in our oceans from testing and disasters it seems that the ostriches run the world and the rest of us are preparing to mutate.

Therefore, what can we do when our voices are ignored?, get a little louder and fight to the death? I wonder if that is what they want us to do, a little culling and all. Well perhaps it needs to be more personal than that. Perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper and pull together without those communities that seem to drive us into separate corners.

Perhaps its time to get together with your family and friends once a week, share your resources and create some new customs like love thy neighbour day and equality sit-ins discussing ways to create fairer opportunities and systems for our children’s safety. Share your skills and treat your family and friends to your wonderful talents whether they are cooking, building or art. Do what they cannot and get them to do what you cannot. Not only will you save money and resources but your will foster good will and unity in a world that is facing division and despair.

Spread that support out to your local community centres, do the same share your services, and ask them to do the same. Practise equality, unity and spread the joy. Take note when you hear someone sprouting the old world divide and conquer mentalities, gently question their thinking. Most of us never get further than the first concept of a situation and good lively discussion without blame will usually prompt us to review our thinking. If not, do not despair, their issue not yours, remind yourself of that and let them be, at least you know where they stand. The time will come when they will need to review it again anyway, time gets us all in the end.

Start planning for those big challenges that are sure to arise in the future, including coal smog and water pollution which will be challenges for us in Australia and nuclear pollution which will be a problem for us all globally soon enough. Teach your children Tolerance and remind them that disability is purely a soul exploring physical form in another way, it may be more common in the future. Teach them how to purify their water, distil it or any other fandangle idea you may have to make the water drinkable and accessible. Already there are many amazing designs that are utilizing water recycling into the home design and storing resources underground. Put your heads together and design how you would like it to be. A well-planned family network can be global or local and have just as much to share and give. You can save a bundle on accommodation when you are travelling. 😉

Finally if you are a part of the system that is so in trouble right now, wether you be banker, oil barren, religious leader or politician, please know that it not you that is the issue it is the old systems that are failing us all. Be brave make changes and demand respect and tolerance from all concerned. Also, try to think and act a little faster if you please, as we are all nervous about the next big thing looming on the horizon of life.

Look Deeper

For several months now I have been drawing the card Look Deeper from one of my Oracle decks. I have been pondering this as it just kept surfacing without any real questions being asked. In a way it was a lecture from my angels as i have been a bit judgemental about the whole war and upheaval stuff that is happening globally and the divisive teachings of David Ickes, whom I was blaming it all on. Today the Angels gave me this writing lol (the full lecture) I hope you get a chuckle out it too.

T136710e3d4775f457c87cfdc7a3dfd23he western world is being pillaged and plundered by its own people, great nations are being divided and conquered as we speak and the enemy this time is our own fear. Our own fear, fed to us on a daily basis by the many voices of ourselves. People teaching, divisive teachings, teachings pointing out the mistakes without providing solutions, teaching turning us against each other and the world we have created so far. Look closely people this is what we have co-created so far in the beginning of the 21st Century. This is what we have done with the power of love that has been granted to us by god to co-create our journey. To be empowered spiritually is to embrace the world in its entirety not to slice it up into the bits we love and the bits we hate. We are multidimensional beings and your thinking; your feelings are right now preparing to fulfil that last decision you made about yourself and your world… Stop now think back what was decision. Decide right now that you do live in a beautiful complex multidimensional world.

One man wants to ban guns because they killed someone he loved. One man wants to keep his gun to protect him from those nice spiritual people who think he just might be an evil reptilian, or worse a banker. One woman wants to have a child to fulfil her desire to be a mother. One woman deserts her child because it is better off without her as she cannot handle life, or keep it alive and healthy. Look deeper, we cannot judge others for their decisions, decisions they have made from their own emotional experiences, we do not know why we experience so many terrible things in life and no doubt we could avoid a whole lot of those challenges if we have love and support each other instead of judgement, division and disrespect.

Yes we must change what is not working, but we cannot do that by tearing apart ourselves or others, we must work together as people respecting the challenges of people and providing the love and honesty required to help each other gain the most from the gift of life we have received. Respect and Tolerance teaches Peace. These are the new energies we are now working with. Are you respecting yourself? Are you respecting the work that other have put into creating the old world? Look deeper they have got it wrong in places but their intentions were always about life. Are you listening to the voice within you right now are you hearing it whisper, its time for silence?

Look deeper, your fear is calling you now from the darkness of the unknown and asking you questions. Can you walk in love and peace both within and without! Are you really honouring the soul having a human experience? Or are you just running along with the mob that are looking for something to do, someone to blame or an end to it all, just because you can!