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If you feel you need help to get things back in balance in your life explore these links you may find someone who can help you!

Lyn Asmar is the Founder and Dean of the College of Esoteric Education where she teaches metaphysics and ” Pathways to Self Mastery” a unique and healing meditation system. A major portion of Lyn’s work is in guiding those who are ready to reach their true potential and to find their true purpose in life. As we are living in times of great change, many are in turmoil as we evolve into higher frequency beings. This evolutionary step for humanity is not accomplished easily but people can learn to help themselves tremendously if they would only remember the words of the Master – “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” And for those who think they can’t find it – “Ask, and you shall receive, seek, and you shall find, knock, and the door will be opened unto you.”

Another injunction which has also been long forgotten: “Without the vision, my people perish.” So learn to activate your dormant creative inspired imagination. Image what you need to make your life whole and healthy and full of happiness. Regardless of what happens in your outer circumstances – hold always to your inner vision until it comes to pass, because your outer environment is merely a reflection of what is going on inside you.


Madeleine Simon is passionate about helping and guiding others to their true purpose in life. Her communication style is open and patient which enables her to take a warm and gentle approach when discussing issues and is articulate, professional and confidential. This approach ensures that her clients are in a comfortable and safe environment in which to open up and explore inner possibilities for growth and renewal.

Madeleine is an experienced healer trained in several specialized healing modalities and therapies.


Imagine a place where the most dedicated individuals in the spiritual field are brought together with every day stories of magic and inspiration.

From hypnosis to spoon bending, SPHERES presents an array of information from highly respected sources alongside the true experiences of our readers.

SPHERES promotes spiritual inquiry by providing information from a spectrum of sources without prejudice.

It’s where worlds meet!


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