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New Souls – 3 Wise Words

New souls are old souls that have not worked in this realm before or at least not for a millennium or so. New souls are arriving on planet earth every day. Many new souls already here are just starting to become interested in life. They have been living a half-conscious life just waiting around for something even though they were not sure what they were waiting for. Some New Souls have also been exploring the whole concept of having a physical body and have been tattooing it, piercing it and playing with it just to discover what it is and feels like. Now the time for dallying is over and Soulsall those new souls will want to become more involved in life and the new world that is theirs to create. If you resonate with the new soul energy then this information is for you.

 As a new soul, the last thing you will be interested in is any of the old soul ways. You will be using the new energy of respect and tolerance and their old ways of thinking or feeling will just not suit you at all. Neither; will being preached to or lectured about how to live your life. So forgive me if you feel this information does that, try to remember that this information is just to remind you of the energy you have to work with in this world, the rest is up to you!

Three Wise Words

 1. Feelings – Everything we experience we feel

2.Attention – Where you place your attention is where the energy goes

3. Community- There is not one thing on this planet you can do alone


Feelings – Everything we experience we feel.  It is so important for us to connect with our feeling part of ourselves to be able to master ourselves and make our lives more joyful. Many of our behaviors ideas and actions are experienced as a way to express what we are feeling on a soul level about the world we are co-creating for ourselves. The rest we claim as our own when they really belong to those we value, mix with or want to avoid. Being a conscious soul and living the hidden life that is available to all is being able to feel your own responses to yourself and your world and express those feelings in your soul’s way. 

Our perception of ourself on the inside

co-creates the person we are on the outside.


Attention – Where you place your attention is where the energy goes.  When we do that first thing that we truly believe is bad we start to notice the other things that are bad. The more bad things we notice the more fearful we become and we think things are just going from bad to worse. Then we start looking for those bad things so we can be more prepared to handle them emotionally and before we have even noticed it we are living in a world of fear and pain that we have co-created for ourselves. Then we share that world with those around us.

 Making conscious choices that contribute to both your own needs and the needs of those you love enables you to co-create a life worth living. To live the best lifestyle you need to make a choice about what is important to you and direct some energy into making it happen. You need to do this on all levels physically, mentally and spiritually. Do for yourself and then share with others your strengths and experiences then you will truly walk in your own power. To live consciously, choose to be aware of your own environment and style, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Community – There is not one thing on this planet you can do alone. We share everything that we experience with our friends our family and most importantly of all, our environment.  Remember that everything is connected.  Our outer world has an impact on our lives and we have an impact on our outer world. If we refuse to acknowledge it then we deny not only ourselves but others of a pure connection with our soul. When you sit down and think about it you soon realize that without others we would never see another way. Without others we would be unable to define or understand physical experience. Without others we feel bad. 

 As souls we are joyful we are peaceful, we are wise and we are loving.


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