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Old Souls

Old Souls now is the time to relax and join in one more time before you go home. As an old soul you will be feeling tired, shattered and perhaps even a little judgmental right now. Be aware on a soul level this is your judgement day. Your soul is evaluating its many life times and reviewing all it has gained and experienced. You may find it hard at the moment to accomplish much as your soul is busy elsewhere and the real key for you right now is to focus on love. Working with love will remind you that the souls desire to experience imperfection and emotional consciousness is why you have experienced all you have in so many lifetimes of hard physical work. 


Shower yourself in unconditional love everyday and give thanks for every lifetime you have experienced. Believe us there have been many. You may find that you are one of the many old souls who have decided to leave behind a little help or ideology to remind others of what they are up against. The teachers are being called upon to teach, sharing their wisdom from their generations of living in the physical world. Other old souls are preparing to go home spiritually.

One of the challenges for old souls is that they must now remember who they are on a soul level. Therefore, often their standards and values are soul standards and values, hard to live up to as a human being. The best way to deal with this is to set yourself some human standards or rules to live your life by that allow a little imperfection yet keep your heart open and honest. This is also leading many old souls to explore the Otherworlds and find their own souls origins. Hence, a resurgence in information about other beings and dimensions is currently surfacing on Earth to help the old souls prepare for their final journey home.

 As souls, we enter this realm of consciousness through a portal that connects us to our moment of conception.  These portals are around us everywhere and if we meditate on them, it will reconnect us with our soul source. You will find hints of these portals hidden within the many creation myths we hear of in life. For example, people who have their roots on a soul level in the druid or elfin realms will have entered this realm through the trees. People whose souls have come from the alien or light realms will have traveled here through the stars. Some souls will have traveled into consciousness on sound waves and literally been sung into existence others have appeared through the rocks or the waters of life.

 These symbols are the remnants of our soul races, the hidden doorways that trigger our conscious memory. These symbols activate our memories of home and our divine purposes for this life. To help you explore your souls source energy explore the remnants of the Otherworlds that are around you and find which one connects you to your source.

 Old Souls remember you are healing, reviewing many lifetimes on a soul level and whether you are one of the many old souls who have decided to leave behind a little help or ideology or are just hanging up your shingle and sitting back to take life easy from here on in, everything you experience here you will feel. Be kind to yourself and share the load with others.


Soul leaving

Old Souls – Love Yourself and Forgive the Past.


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