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Now is the Time


As we now start to leap forward into the 21t Century it is important to ponder the opportunities to bring true change, not just for some but for all. Not all people are conscious thinking beings, some have different structures, different purpose and are here for different experiences. We are multidimensional beings sometimes we are not present mentally at all, sometimes we are just an expression of a concept a feeling or a interaction we have discovered along the way. Sometimes we are aware and often we are not. Each of us will experience a time when we are not. Judging the moments of our past does not lead us to growth it leads us to honesty, our  true challenge. Honesty then guides us to healing, which then guides us to joy. In truth until you can be secure, honest and sharing, you will remain in the pain of personal subrogation. Swapping out one belief for another and taking one path then another without thought or emotional responsibility. The only way we can learn about the mind and our multidimensional experience is to observe, define and then express them in some way. This is where your power lies. Expressing yourself in ways that contribute, unite or share are the only way to provide the security and wisdom you need to claim your true place in your world.

Take the time to set yourself your code of honor. Your list of desires and that you expect from yourself. Not things that define right or wrong but deep personal, feelings about yourself and life. Only this will strengthen the spirit within you and bring true change to your multidimensional self.

Sit in a comfortable position and think about you life so far. What has been its purpose, what have you experienced and expressed. Once you have a word for it. Think about that word as an energy. An energy that has two sides. One light and one shadow. If you have been walking in the shadows then it is time to walk into the light. If you have been walking in the light try to keep yourself there and define your current needs and cycles. Yet be aware that the shadow is only painful if you choose to see it that way. A victim can see themselves as a victim or they can see themselves as a mirror for others. Either way the path is being walked and your own soul has demanded it of you. Judgement cements the pain and takes away your power. Having faith in yourself and your own abilities is the only way to bring inner peace to a world of chaos. The truth of the situation is this is not just your world it the world of many and no one experiences it the same way. We will experience all that others send at us just as others will experience that which we send to them, physically, mentally and spiritually!

A kind heart will not protect you, but it will protect others from you. A balanced mind will not protect you but it will protect others from your perceptions about life. A loving spirit will not protect you but it will guide you to those that also have love as their lesson in life and bring some support to a world that lacks structure and dignity.

Kindness, belongs to those that seek love, peace and joy as it is a true nature of the soul.
Just as are expression and curiosity. Set your code around these three concepts and you will find joy in the shadows, love in your heart  and peace in your mind.



Sacrifice or Peace

yoga-422196_1280Sacrifice is not a way of life and not even a necessity it is an old world concept that divides and keeps us seperate from ourselves. When the world tells you that you need a hero the message is really a silent divisive reminder that you are powerless and someone else is in control. Which is a lie! The power of your choices is immense and that simple choice defines your next step on the path overtime. Decide you need a hero and you live in a world that is full of victims.

Sacrifice is an ancient tradition that has stopped humanity from embracing the diversity and exquisiteness of life. Take the time to remind yourself now that the new world you want to co-create and participate in is now forming. Take a breath and make your choices wisely. Change can only arrive when we take the time to plant its seeds. Times of chaos are the times to plant those seeds. Embrace your personal life and set your plans in place. The world will continue to change grow and evolve around you the key is to find your way through it and not stay seperate from yourself or others within it. Remind yourself now if something has to be sacrificed then it is not worth the pain it will bring. Focus on the love and sharing peaceful ways to co-create the future and your small role will be fulfilled and the future will take care of itself as it always does.

Choice is the only way to bring positive change, every choice you make sets a standard. Think about that!

Choose peace!

Divided in Fear

I was just reading an article in the Star Observer whilst having coffee at one of my favourite coffee spots (Slightly Twisted) that highlighted the progress being made in Victoria. Talking about safe schools and funding to support the local community  has triggered my memory of an earlier time when the same things were promised to the aboriginal community, Yet in truth all that they have received is segregation and division. I do hope that the LGBTI keep that in mind as they move forward. Schools need to be safe and inclusive for everyone for us to experience true equality.  Not special schools for special folks that just seperates them from the majority to suit political agendas. Now is a time to remember that our choices are creating a new world that will ultimately lead to either more of the same or true change. Who we are should never need explaining or avoiding it should be known so that we can all be aware and secure. We are all in the same world and we all deserve the same respect support and recognition. Just saying! 

Respect Yourself Respect the Journey

carnival-293261_1280So amazing watching the world shift, change, and people transition from the old energies of compassion and judgement to the new energies of respect and tolerance. I went to a large event today and saw a speaker whom I have admired for a long time. It was interesting to see the first words coming out being both derogatory and defying rather than the expected. As this speaker seemed on a mission, to prove to the audience that he was not the fantasy nice guy, he portrays in the shows he has appeared in. As I was thinking I did not come to hear this, I came to glimpse into the world that you live and world within. It was amusing to hear the next sentence from an audience member, “I have been a fan of yours all my life and really admire your work”.

He stood there stunned and I wondered if like me others were thinking he deserved that. As he continued to speak, he was actually nice when he was not trying to escape that part of himself. I pondered the position he was placing himself in, why be there if you are not a fan of the fantasy you portray? Why do we persist to give of ourselves when we have nothing left to give and how do we claim back our inner truth when we run from our fears? Most importantly, why are we afraid to be nice?

It seems there is a deeper self that hides from the world and whenever it just shines out we want to just stomp it right back down there into the darkest spot we hide it. Respecting the self and the souls journey seems to be what is required when times are crazy. Taking the time to recognise that you have come here for a reason and that all it takes to enjoy the journey is to be yourself. The real self you hide away, when you try to please others or rebel against the world.

When we relax and share our experiences without judging the journey we seem to be a nice guy, even if we think we are not. Perhaps its time to recognise, that we are not our mistakes, our fears or our expectations. We are but a soul journeying through the perceptions of the self and its impact on its own environment.

As I pondered the position, he was placing himself in I could clearly see that respect was his challenge. It seems those of us that need to gain tolerance will have quite a challenge on our hands. Just as those who are seeking to understand, respect will struggle with its truth. This also left me pondering where the line is drawn, when it comes to respect and tolerance, in my own life. More work to be done, it seems.

So nice to know the younger generations are born with one of these gifts and are embracing them right now, bringing balance back to our world.

Is Suicide Denial or Choice?

wings-469447I just saw a post on Facebook about another young Australian who has taken his own life rather than choose to live with his own imperfection. This has left me pondering the massive challenge that is ahead for humanity. Learning to embrace the new energies of Mind Consciousness, Respect and Tolerance. Tolerance is a very difficult energy to master and many souls that have decided to stay after the transition are struggling to release the old Judgment energy and are deeming their lives “not worth living”. It is so important for us to remind each other right now that our imperfections are not our problem our media and they way we are presented information about what is important what is not is our ‘Real Problem’!

We must recognize the souls choice to be here. Respecting the souls journey and our own humanity is essential to embrace the 21st Century and bring true peace to ourselves and our world. Learning to be tolerant is difficult when we are busy judging ourselves and our lives. Tolerance is an energy that most souls have not fully embraced on this planet for a very long time. Take a breath and remind yourself your soul is in control of the journey and ask your spiritual team, or god or goddess, family member in spirit, whomever you feel is there, for back up. Ask them to clear away the emotional dross and ask them to help you relax and enjoy your day. If you do not ask they cannot interfere, all they can do is surround you and wait. For those who do suffer from depression or emotional distress, try to remember you are not alone, one third of the planet lives this way. Embrace your humanity and take a moment to ponder what you really would like to feel whilst your have the power to feel so deeply. Should you too be feeling you have had enough and your live is not worth having take a moment to think about the poor sod that finds your body and what impact your departure will have on those you leave behind and then finally ponder the next step in your journey.

The next step spiritually for this young man is to visit each person his passing had impacted and help them to come to terms with his choice. Then he must go into a healing cycle of his own, then finally he will be reborn into exactly the same life again to give it another go.

Perhaps suicide is not really a choice perhaps it is a denial of the self to live the life given. Perhaps a life given for a reason, do your time and take the time to stop relax and be, instead of judging the journey, yourself or others and remember that you are not alone. We are all here, we all feel and we are all struggling with the biggest challenge of mind consciousness, directing the mind instead of letting it drag us around. Take the time to recognize that perception is a choice, a choice on how we see and a choice on how we feel and most importantly a choice of what we do with it.

Lifestyle Choices

It is important to remember that each system whether it is political, business or social is made up of people. People making choices, everyday people making decisions, decisions which influence others and the world around them. So instead of demonising big business and the economic and political systems we need to be giving the people in those systems the support needed to make sustainable and friendly choices.

I want the toys; physical stuff is one of the things we come here for. I want to share and explore my passions; I want to talk to people to play with people and to share my day with people. I want to breathe clean air, see the sun shine and moonshine in the beautiful sky. I want to sense the world, to look at the world to travel the world…

My wants are your wants; we all want the same thing to have a life to live it freely and to share it with others. So what are the rules about this what standards should we set for ourselves and how do we define the needs and wants of people.

I think it’s time we decided to set those standards and set them firmly in our policy our social values and our legal systems. There is plenty of everything in this world and instead of forcing ourselves on others through money, violence and lack we need to share our gifts with others. We need to set some personal rules that enable us to choose the world we want to live in.

When we look at the systems WE have created around us they are systems that are designed to control, protect and set standards. However those standards are set to control and protect and not to provide. Yet the one thing we need is provision. Every person has the right to be provided for and the ability to provide something to others even if that something is only small we all have something to give. When systems provide instead of protecting or controlling they will support the needs and wants of the society that embraces them.

As souls we come here to study ourselves. How do we grow, how do we create, and whether we are up to the “creating a healthy body” stage or “building a healthy community” stage we are and will learn from the life we experience.

When people choose to believe in something, that something becomes truth. What personal lifestyle choices do you think we can set to live in peace and share the load? How do we all believe in the same thing, we cannot and most likely never will yet if we choose to be ourselves and share ourselves we will stand a better chance of getting alone peacefully. So make your lifestyle choices today choose to be yourself and share yourself with others and you too can take a step towards living in a world that is supportive and fun.


So my thoughts on healthy lifestyle choices

I share my gifts with others freely – sometimes I will make money sometimes I won’t and that’s ok

I join in – sometimes I will fit in and sometimes I won’t and that’s ok

I do what I choose – sometimes I will say no and that’s ok

The Suffering Self

1534232517_95cc26ac45When there is no path to walk – no direction – no support and we find ourselves in limbo, know that your soul is demanding that you resolve or release something before you can move forward. We need to accept it is a part of life not a part of us. We are not our bad choices or even our fears. We are souls journeying in a world with so many different energies that we forget to be selective in our choices and we forget our own separateness embracing only our emotions and the judgement of ourselves and others.

Challenges are not happening because they are meant to, they are happening because we chose them. By judging ourselves or listening to the assumptions and judgments of others we wander off our own path and forget where we are up to. Then the energy rolls in to stop us and isolate us until we remove those judgments and emotional fears so that we can once again walk our own path and live life our own way.

Are you really broken, lost, defeated, or stupid, or is that just someone’s opinion, assumption or fear.  – The Suffering Self, is the self not listening to its self!

Listen to your pain listen to your feelings honor them acknowledge them and then they will go away as simply as they arrived. You do not need to act on them, or use them as weapons just acknowledge them as a part of the journey and walk on.

To acknowledge something we need to say it out loud and listen to how it feels and sounds. When we truly listen we have a knowing that kicks in and we remember we are a soul having a human experience. Crying is the bodies’ way of processing emotion, not anger resentment or hatred; these are just the symptoms of the lack of acknowledgement of the things that cause pain.

Honor yourself, honor your journey, Say Ouch!


Crying.. (Photo credit: Anders Ljungberg)

Author’s note:

“Are you really broken, lost, defeated, or stupid, or is that just someone’s opinion, assumption or fear.” (I think that is the most comma’s I have ever put in one sentence!)

oh and to all you cry babies out there, congratulations’ you are the healthiest people on the planet because when you are not crying you are the ones with the biggest smiles and the biggest hearts!